by Jason Colwell and Rachel Zimmerman

Pasadena now has another swing night. The recently opened Lindy Groove Operates every Thursday night, at the Grand Ballroom of the Masonic Temple in Pasadena at the corner of Euclid and Cordova.

The most immediately striking thing about Lindy Groove is the size of
the dance floor.  About three times the size of the large floor at the
Derby, the hardwood at the Groove presents anyone arriving before 9:30pm a spacious area in which to dance. Of course, the venue attracts a proportionately large number of people, so that by 10:30pm the room can be crowded.  Still, there is enough space to move, and the corner areas of the room are emptier.

Free water and mints are provided. Snacks are provided for reasonable prices as well.

A free lesson at 7:30 is included with the $7 admission. There are two
lessons given simultaneously, at beginner and intermediate levels.

The floor is of high quality. It is sometimes powdered excessively, so
that patrons resort to wetting their shoes to soak up some of the powder.  But then, perhaps as a result of uneven powdering as well as the water, the floor has an inconsistent surface. Dancers sometimes don't know whether their next step will feel like stepping onto ice or onto rubber. The dance floor can get hot at times, but there are large fans on the stage that cool things off fairly well.

The music is mostly recorded. Lindy Groove has had excellent and
well-known  DJs, some from out of town. The music presents a good mix of tempos, styles, and eras.

Free underground parking is available, and there is free on-street
parking nearby, too. Washrooms are not right by the floor but are fairly close.

The club has offered occasional discounts on admission, corresponding to special events in the LA area. It gave $4 off  with proof of Camp Hollywood registration, and free admission (obtained by sending e-mail to for its opening night and for the week of the National Jitterbug Championships.

Overall, Lindy Groove is one of the best places to dance in LA County.

Lindy Groove is run by Doug Silton and Lance Powell.