Minn Vo and Corina Acosta were voted Lindy Hoppers of the month a few months ago.  It took me a while to move and recreate the entire site, so their interview was delayed.  You've seen them and admired their style on the dance floor, now you can get to know them a little bit better.

When did each of you start dancing swing and Lindy Hop?
C- I started dancing Lindy hop in September of 1997.
M- I started doing the Lindy hop in July of 1997.

Did you study or perform any other kind of dancing before?
C- Before I began Lindy hop, I had formal dance training at the L.A. County High school for the Performing Arts in ballet, modern dance, contemporary Ballet, and Flamenco. I performed with a post-modern dance group at the end of high school under choreographer Rudy Perez. 

M- I use to break and freestyle to hip-hop and house music

You're known for your great ability in Collegiate Shag, is that your favorite swing dance?
C-We like them all!
M- We don't have a favorite. We like all the dances that relate to the music.

How long have you been dancing together?
C&M -We have been dancing together since February of 1999.

How did you learn to swing?
C- I first saw Lindy hop on a soundie I had as young girl, but I never gave it much attention because I didn't think people danced like that anymore. I saw Lindy hop again in high school and a second time on campus my first day of college. A big band played in the quad area, and I saw a couple doing some nice dancing. I thought to myself, "Wow, that couple is dancing similar to the people in the soundie! I have to learn that dance!" So, I went up to the couple and asked them how they learned to dance like that. The lead introduced himself as Jerry Jordan and he said he could show me. He was the first person to teach me the basic step. I've been addicted ever since. Now, the majority of my learning experience comes from studying vintage footage with Minn and dancing with the dance legends who are still alive today.

Can you name the three most important contests you've won?
C- Swingin the Century Anniversary Contest at Satin Ballroom, California Balboa Swing Dance Championships, Camp Hollywood Shag Jam, and I have to say a fourth one, the Jitterbug Contest at Golden Sails live with Dean Mora, because it was the first contest that we ever did together.

M- Golden Sails, Swing the Century Anniversary and The 1st California Balboa Swing Championships.

What was the most exciting performance you've ever done?
C- All the performances we have done at the Orpheum theater with Mora's Modern Rhythmists.

M- The Orpheum show, Doing the Shim Sham with Leonard Reed and dancing to Mora's Modern Rhythmists live.

Corina, what makes Minn a good dance partner?
C-He knows how to lead me where he wants me to follow.

What makes Corina a good partner?
M- Corina has great balance.

Aside from dancing, you both are pursuing other careers. Tell me about that?
C- I am currently attending college pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics. Who knows what I will end up doing as a career, maybe it will be something totally different, like basket weaving! 

M- We are both pursuing careers other than dancing, dancing is our pleasure and what ever we choose as our career will be work.

What is your number one hobby other than dancing?
C- I have too many number one hobbies to even know which hobby I Iike best!

M- Hanging out with friends.

Did you start out as dance partners or boyfriend-girlfriend?
C & M -Both

What's the benefit of dating your dance partner?
C- It makes you work harder at your relationship together. When a couple can overcome obstacles in their relationship, they can overcome anything. 

M- Improves your balance.

I noticed you pay a lot of attention to showmanship. Your costumes usually match and you smile when you dance -- How important are all these details in

C- To us, a competition is a performance. Whether you win or lose, you still perform. When we perform we want to stand out. Wearing vintage clothing or era costume accentuates Lindy Hop movement and it just feels right. I believe judges can pick up on that. As for a smile, wouldn't you smile too if everything just felt right? 

M- We like the dance in classic form and during a competition we are representing the dance the way we feel it.

Corina, what's the most important tip you have for follows?
C-When in doubt, close your eyes.

Minn, what's your advice for leads?
M- Keep it fun for yourself and the person you're dancing with!

What is your dance goal for the future?
C-To keep moving until I can't move anymore.

M- To share the passion for the dance with the next generation.

What's your favorite song to dance to? (each)
C- I have many, but I believe it would be Cotton Tail

M- Cotton Tail.